Season 2020/21 update - 18/08/2020
Date of Event Geelong Junior Cricket Association: Mon Aug 17, 2020 4:35PM

In an ideal world, we would be able to provide you with clear information about forthcoming meetings, season commencement dates, and any other important dates and information in relation to the GJCA 2020-21 season. As you would appreciate, the latest round of COVID-19 restrictions placed on community sport, are unprecedented for the GJCA. Providing clear information to you right now, ahead of our regular season, is at the forefront of our mind, and we understand the difficulties placed on clubs who are trying to prepare for a junior cricket season ahead, no matter what guise it takes. For much of our guidance, we are receiving information from our governing body (Cricket Victoria), who are working closely with the state government on how the ensuing season may play out. 

Here's a glimpse of what we can tell you so far:
We are hoping to commence at our normal season starting time (second weekend on October) for all Friday night and Saturday morning competitions, but we will not have absolute clarity on this until September 13, at which point, the State Government of Victoria, will provide a detailed update to Cricket Victoria, on when community sport may resume
In hoping to start the season at our regular time, it does not make assurances that will happen
Cricket Victoria have advised all associations across the state to "be prepared to be flexible" with fixturing and coordination of all competitions
We normally would hold a GJCA Junior Coordinator Meeting on the first Monday of September. This meeting has been postponed until Monday, September 21, owing to the aforementioned September 13 announcement; and may be subject to further postponement if we are advised by Cricket Victoria to delay our season
It is highly probable that GJCA Junior Coordinator meetings will be conducted in an online format, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams - we will provide advice and support with this, in due course
The deadline for clubs to declare their team affiliations is normally at the beginning of the September school holidays (Saturday, September 19, as it would be for this season); however, in light of a potential delay to the season's start, the GJCA will advise of an alternate deadline date after September 13, for team affiliation
Please also note, that any group training cannot be undertaken until the state government advises that the Geelong region is no longer under Stage 3 lockdown restrictions
We hope this information resolves any lingering questions. Furthermore, the link below provides the latest advice from the state government, in regard to sport and exercise in regional Victoria, under Stage 3 restrictions.

As you can see, the September 13 date set by the state government, is pivotal to when we can start to make further announcements. We hope your club and members appreciate that we are obligated by the state government's decisions (by law) and Cricket Victoria's advice (as our governing body). Please note, there is not much more we can tell you in the interim, but if and when we receive information from Cricket Victoria, it will be forwarded through your club coordinator. 

Stay safe.

Last updated: Tuesday August 18, 2020 4:39PM
Author: Mark Eskrigge